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Monthly Video Packages

In these (freaky) times of social media, your ideal customers not only want to enjoy the best products possible – they want to feel a connection.

They want to be seen, they want to be understood,
and feel that they belong to a community that they can fall in love with. 

With social media being the hot-shit it nowadays is, the general public has become prone to visual storytelling more than ever, making video one of the best ways to establish your brand, attract new customers or keep your already existing customers engaged. 

First of all, what is “short-form” video?
Usually, it’s a vertically shot video, ideal for watching on smartphones, with a length of about 1 to 30 seconds. 
Knowing this, let’s run some numbers: 

  • 66% of consumers find short-form content to be the most engaging format [1]
    Short-form videos receive 2.5 times more engagement than long-form videos [2]
    Nearly 6 in 10 short-form videos are watched 41% to 80% of their length. [3]
    57% of Gen Z prefer short videos to learn about products and services. [4]

Now that’s nice and all, but as a business owner… the stress of video production is probably the last headache you would want to add to your to-do list. 💀

If that sounds like you, then perhaps a Social Media Video Package could provide your business the value and customers engagement of consistent social media branding, allowing you to connect intimately to your audience…
without all the fuzz. 

What does that actually mean? 
✅ No video production stress
✅ Consistent branding style
✅ Organic and profesional video
✅ Easy and flexible planning
✅ 7-day delivery guarantee
✅ True-to-value pricing 
✅ Periodical performance reviewing
✅ Open to customize
✅ Cancel any time

These packages are designed for businesses that are looking to strengthen their relations with already existing customers. This is done by posting consistently on their social media, in a organic and professional manner. 

It is my belief that regarding social media, slow and steady wins the race.

Therefore, not only do these videos aim to attract new customers by building an authentic reputation – they aim to help your business keep your already existing customers for the long term. 

These video’s are NOT made only for the purposes of going viral as quickly as possible. 

This is important to note, as these packages are designed bearing the philosophy that the best way to market is to have an outstanding product and to then showcase this in a beautiful, honest fashion. 

1) First, we’ll schedule a moment to review your desires and custom requirements. This can be done through e-mail, phone, or we can meet up in real life. Whatever suits you best.

2) (Optional) We set up a shared DropBox page to organise all the required files. Think of things like branding related logo’s, specific fonts, sounds or songs, PNG’s or other documents related to your brand. 

3. Within 2 days after filming, you’ll receive 3 custom made colour grades samples for you to choose from. This is to ensure a consistent branding style made according to your desired branding style for all of your future videos.

4. Only after you’re happy, you’ll receive the first batch of videos within 7 business days, delivered in your custom style. 

5. After receiving the videos, you can reach out to plan your next desired moment of filming. 

It’s that easy. 

Scrolling down this page, you will find three base-packages with listed prices. These prices act as a starting point, offering “Minimal video’s”. This means video’s with a length between 1 to 15 seconds, with a minimal edit. Samples are shown below. 

These videos have a clean and simple nature, perfect for adding your own texts to post on social media. 

From this starting point on, there is the option to customise according to your desires, at a pricing that’s fitting to your custom needs.  

Think of:
extra photography,
daily social media management,
horizontal video,
longer form videos, 
underwater footage,
or doing an unboxing video on the back of a circus elephant,

Together we can find a fitting solution. 

Sounds okay? 

 Below are 3 packages suited for different needs ↓


Ideal for starting socials

10 ready-to-post vertical videos


1 hour of filming 

delivery guarantee

Starting at

499 / month*


Ideal for small businesses

10 ready-to-post vertical videos


1 hour of filming 

delivery guarantee

Starting at
950 / month*


Ideal for maximum engagement

10 ready-to-post vertical videos


1 hour of filming 

delivery guarantee

Starting at

1400 / month*

* Listed prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. 

Also, your first month comes
with a 50% discount.

Feeling inspired? 

Fill in the form and i’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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